YourPokerCash – A site with some tantalizing no deposit offers for poker


Check out this site called YourPokerCash.  It has some inviting no deposit offers for poker.  I’ve signed up with two of the four free offers, one with the online poker room Ultimate Bet and the other with the online poker room Full Tilt.  They are both open to US players.   If I’m approved for either bonus, then I get $50 from the site, and if I play a specified number more hands, I get an additional $50.  As far as no deposit bonuses, you can’t do better than this.

I’m sure I have to play a zillion hands in order to withdraw any money from either online poker room, but it still beats other no deposit bonuses from other online poker rooms, such as RiverFlop, which gave me $5 as a no deposit bonus, and which I lost in record time.

One thing is annoying about YPC.  In order to be eligibile for any YPC offers you have to register with them, and this involves taking a picture of some sort of ID with your face on it and you have to take the picture of it next to a numerical code that YPC gives you after you register.   Then you have to upload the photo to their site.  This part of the process is a slight pain and made me a bit suspicious (Why do they need an ID?  Why can’t they just have a pic of my face?), but you can do what I did and block out any information on the ID that indicates where you are from.   If I should get any bonus money from either online poker room, and YPC says that it takes about 5 business days to be approved, then the amount of work in taking the picture will be a small cost and well worth whatever annoyance that I experienced.

So for you people out there who love poker but don’t love using your own money, check out YourPokerCash.  And if you know anything about their site let me know.

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