Yikes – I didn’t have a good night at Hold’em Poker

In my last post I was bragging about what a fine player I was becoming.  I thought that I had turned a corner, that I knew how to avoid quick defeats, that I was finally able to consistently win at the $.1/.1 no-limit tables.  Well, tonight I had a rude awakening at Hold’em Poker.

I had about $50 in my account at about 5pm, and at 10:43pm I had nothing.  All gone.  I don’t think I played particularly badly.  I remember losing about $8 when my king high flush lost to an ace high flush.  I kind of knew that I was beat, but I couldn’t lay down, because I was sort of playing out of desperation, after losing about $30 in the previous couple of hours.  When I was down to my last $10, I decided to go to a $.25/.25 no-limit room.

I thought if I was lucky, whatever that means, I might be able to recoup some of my losses more quickly.  Well, I was right about one thing.  You can win a lot more quickly when the blinds are $.15 more.  Unfortunately, the “you” wasn’t me.  Oh well… I did enjoy playing at Hold’em and in the end I was up $50, which I had cashed out a few days ago.  So it wasn’t a total failure.  I may even deposit money again into Hold’em if I continue to win in my old standby, JonWoodGaming.  But enough poker for tonight.  I’ve got to go wash some dishes.

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