World Series of Poker Main Event Winner, a 23 Year-Old Canadian, Reflects on His Extraordinary Run to the Championship

I couldn’t have been happier about the results of this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event result if I had planned it all out myself.

Go figure. What’s it like to be 23 years old and on top of the poker playing world.

Huh? What’s it like Jonathan Duhamel… to be a multi millionaire and have the world at your talented fingertips?

Reports from Las Vegas, where he won a few nights ago, are that Duhamel is laid back and just a damned nice guy.

Who is a great poker player.

So, he won the big tournament. How ya feeling big guy?

“I really haven’t had time to think about it at all,”  Duhamel said . “I don’t think I realize what I just did.”

Well, I did. And the thousands of fans who read this posting did too.

It’s almost impossible to imagine that all this began with a simple $100 investment to open an online poker account three years ago, but that’s what makes Duhamel’s story so freaking interesting.

Things were not always this easy.

He wasn’t always calm at a poker table.

He didn’t always have an instinctive knowledge of when to put pressure on his opponent with bluffs and when to wait for cards — a balancing act he pulled off masterfully over the weekend while building a dominant 6-to-1 chip lead going into heads-up play Monday against John Racener of Florida.

So, all hail Duhamel. And may he win again. And again. And again.

He said he has no idea what he will do with his winnings, other than travelling and continuing to play poker to prove his big win was no fluke.

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