Women Poker Stars Join Reality Show

People can get into different sports as they wish. You’ve read about sports stars in the world of tennis, golf and swimming trying their luck in the game of poker. Now, poker stars are out to prove that they can do other events as well outside of their usual circle.

Two well known female professional poker players are joining a popular reality show this year for a more challenging activity that promises big bucks, too. Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho have actually signed up to become partners in the next season of “The Amazing Race” which airs over CBS. In fact, these two women passed up the chance to participate in the 2009 World Series of Poker because of their filming schedule with the reality show.

Known as Hot Chips, Tiffany Michelle ranked 17th in the 2008 WSOP Main Event and was the last female player to be eliminated. She earned more than $334,000 for that feat. This year, she decided not to join the annual poker challenge because of a once in a lifetime opportunity she would not want to pass up.

Maria Ho, on the other hand, placed 11th in the 40th WSP Limit Hold’em World Championship held just this June 2009 and was more than $41,000 richer. She also placed 43rd in the LA Poker Classic last February winning more than $32,000 and ranked 38th in the 2007 WSOP Main Event.

Poker fans should watch out for this tandem once the 15th season of The Amazing Race starts airing starting on Sunday, September 27. The reality show offers half a million dollars for the winning team.

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