Women Making Their Mark In Poker

It used to be that the game of poker was reserved only for men. But it’s no longer the case because women have been making a name for themselves in this popular card game. Thanks to the internet, women can now freely play poker in the comforts of their home without being looked down by the males. With numerous online poker sites, women have been given the opportunity to show their skills in the game.

For many women, playing poker can just be for fun or to entertain themselves. And when women get bored, there’s really no stopping them from venturing into a new kind of activity that could divert their attention from their daily grind.

Today, the top female players in the field of poker come from the different parts of the world such as the United States and Europe. Some of them had the chance to work in casinos the reason for developing an interest in the card game while the others started playing only later in their lives.

In the U.S., one of the famous women poker players is Cyndy Violette from Queens, New York. Cyndy grew up in a family that loved to play poker and got the chance to become a blackjack and poker dealer when her family moved to Las Vegas.

Europe’s bet is Lucienne Rokach from England. A former car dealer and teacher of history subject, Lucy’s love for poker began upon reaching the age of 38. So far, she has already earned more than $1.9 million.

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