Wingows – $5 no-deposit bonus

8 days.  That’s how long I stuck with my New Year’s resolution not to play online poker.  To be fair, I did resolve that I would only play online poker if found a no-deposit bonus.  Well, I found a $5 no deposit bonus at Wingows.  It’s an online poker room where Americans can play for real money.

There are certain requriments that you have to meet in order to cash out any bonus money from Wingows.  First, you have to deposit at least $50 (however, you can play for real money with the $5 bonus as I did without depositing any money).  Second, you have to have earned at least 50 Wingow Points (WP).  Third, you only have thirty days to meet the first two requirements.

After 4 days I had turned the $5 into about $35 and had earned more than 50 WP, all at $.02/.04 and $.05/.1 no-limit tables.  But I had no intention of cashing out.   I had bigger plans.  Unfortunately, the best-laid plans of mice (fish) and men often go awry, especially when you play all-in.  I lost it all.  On my last hand, I went all-in with one club away from a nut flush, and I lost to the nut flush.  I think this is how my poker playing days ended at bodog.

Wingows is an ok poker room, nothing great.  But since they let Americans play for real money they should be commended.  The graphics reminded me of the flash online poker room Pitbull Poker.  There aren’t many tables, but I usually got a table right away and never had to wait that long.  It’s difficult to judge the quality of players when you are only at a site for a few days, and given that I ended up broke, I doubt that I am much of an authority on anyone’s poker skill level.

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