Will there be a Poker Bill in the USA in 2012?

After the efforts of Senator Harry Reid to attach an online poker bill to another payroll-tax bill this month failed, the likelihood of any positive legislation for the US online poker industry coming into being in 2012 was massively reduced.

In more positive news for the online baccarat¬†industry, members of Iowa’s Senate State Government Committee voted in favour (by a margin of 11-4)of allowing the state’s gambling authority to create a structure that could see the foundation of intrastate gambling.

The idea is that operators could partner with casinos in Iowa to provide residents over the age of 21 the chance to open an account and play online poker.

This measure is ultimately designed to try to regulate online poker “currently illegal in the state ? as up to $100 million of unregulated gambling activity is thought to take place each year.

Senator Rick Bertrand said on the issue: “I don’t see this as an expansion of gambling. I see this as an expansion of freedom.?

The four senators who voted against the bill highlighted the addictive nature of poker as a detrimental addition to Iowan’s choice of online activity.

It would appear that gambling your savings away is fine if you do it in a nicely regulated casino, but try to do it at home online (where it is much harder to regulate/tax the online companies and senators begin to worry about the welfare of their citizens.

The arguments continue.


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