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The game of blackjack is one of the most famous casino games. It has a rich history that dates back hundreds of years. Throughout the world, in many different countries and in many different languages, people play blackjack. Today, the internet has become the most popular place to play with websites like the Wildjack online blackjack casino drawing thousands of players every day from all over the globe.

The Advent of Online Blackjack

It was not that long ago that people had to travel to casinos to play games such as blackjack. All that changed when the Internet became a household presence. Now, everyone has a smartphone and can play games like Wildjack online blackjack wherever they want. In fact, online blackjack draws more players now than land-based casino blackjack.

Real Money Games

People play Wildjack online blackjack because of the potential to win real money. Why just play for fun when you can play blackjack for real money? Everywhere, people are placing bets and reaping the rewards of real money blackjack. While many people think you must be an expert to win at blackjack, that is actually not true. Regular people win all the time. While you do need a little blackjack strategy, you can also win with a little luck.

Blackjack Rules

Blackjack rules are the same whether you play Wildjack online blackjack or at a land-based casino. While there may be some slight variations between games, the same blackjack rules tend to apply whether you play online casino blackjack or at a table at a casino resort. The goal is to get a hand of cards close to twenty-one without going over.

Natural Blackjacks

Both you and the dealer start with two cards. You can look at both your cards while you also see one of the dealer’s. Your two cards may add up to twenty-one. In that case, you have a natural blackjack. Unless the dealer can match you, you win. It is not that rare since all the face cards like kings, queens, and jacks count as ten. An ace can be a one or eleven. So an eleven and an ace is a natural blackjack. That is the best possible way to start.

Playing Wildjack Online Blackjack

If you do not have a twenty-one point hand, then you can ask for another card from the dealer. You can keep asking for cards but be careful. If your hand goes over twenty-one, you lose. So one of the most common blackjack tips is to hold when you reach a seventeen. After you hold, the dealer plays. He will keep taking cards until he has over seventeen. If he is over twenty-one, you win. Otherwise whoever is closer is the big winner.

Another Blackjack Tip

So what do you do if the dealer is showing an Ace and may have a ten value card face down? At Wildjack online blackjack casino, you can take an insurance bet. When you do so, you minimize your loss if the dealer does indeed have a natural blackjack.

Other Moves

Some versions of the game allow you to split a hand if you have identical cards when you start. This way, you play with two hands and have two chances to win. You play each hand independently against the dealer. If both hands win, you win twice as much. Another tactic is to double down. When you have a good hand, double down. You will get just one more card but if you win, you just increased the amount that you can take home. Just make sure you know all the options in the blackjack version you decide to play.

Play Mobile

The way that many people enjoy playing Wildjack online blackjack is on their smart phones. Wild jack has a great mobile casino. All you need to do is tap the mobile tab on the website and you will get access to games that have been specially modified for play on a smaller screen. Other than that, the game plays exactly like the version at the main Wildjack site. It all depends on your preferences. Some people will like the convenience of mobile gaming while others enjoy playing on a bigger screen. Either way beats traveling to a brick and mortar casino and waiting for a spot at a blackjack table to open up.

More Games at Wildjack

The Wildjack Casino specializes in blackjack. But Wildjack online blackjack is just one of hundreds of games that you can play at the site. They also have roulette, craps, instant win games, and loads of slot machine games just waiting for you. These are all real money games so at any time, you can be a big winner.

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