Who has a better poker face?

I think last night’s debate showed that the obvious answer is Barrak Obama. Sorry for another only mildly poker related post so soon, but I would be remiss if I did not use my one and only bullhorn to a mass audience in an election as important as this.

Last night’s debate really showed how little emotional control John McCain really has. When you’re behind, in anything, the worst thing you can do is lose your cool. You can’t start acting all erattic on the poker table or in politics just because you’re taking some lumps.

Unfortunately for McCain, that is exactly what happened to him. He had fallen way behind over the course of the last few weeks. A combination of a crumbling economy and poor debate showings as well as myriad other factors gave Obama the boost he needed. On top of that, mere hours before last night’s debate, CNN revised their electoral map putting Virginia leaning toward the Obama camp; that was unthinkable for a republican in the recent past.

All that led to a belligerent, angry McCain. Obama, with his calm demeanor, just let him stomp and fume. He reasonably shot down McCains emotionally charged, ad hominem attacks. And with every relaxed retort, you could see the fluster on Johnny’s face. If I was at the table with him, I’d be check raising every round. All I can say is that McCain might do well to check out my post on the dangers of going on tilt. He’s already behind and a bad tilt now would clinch a victory for Obama

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