When Palm Beachers Gamble, All is Well in the World: WSOP Comes to the Kennel Club

I spent quite a few years working in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach.

And yes, I have even been inside Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago mansion, even though I am not rich.

So I am happy to see this very cool event coming to the land of the rich and famous.

The World Series of Poker is coming to Florida for the first time ever – setting up shop at the Palm Beach Kennel Club for two weeks.

It’s now allowed because of a change in state law that allows high-stakes poker games.

Previously, Florida had a $100 cap on poker buy-ins, preventing it from participating in big tournaments like those of the World Series of Poker.

Which is ridiculous. Palm Beachers think of $100 like you or I think of a 1 cent piece.

“We are very excited to have the Rolls Royce of poker tours coming to Florida and partnering up with us,” said Joseph Conti, tournament director for the kennel club.

The event is expected to generate 800 room nights for Palm Beach County.

The Kennel Club is expecting 500 to 800 players each day of the tournament; buy-ins for the 10 ring events start at $300 and go to $1,600, while non-ring events start at $65.

Got a secret for you though…in the mansions along A1A, high stakes poker is always being played. Now, it’s just out in public.

Will Rush Limbaugh participate? Hell, he has a fabulous mansion in the area.

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