What the hell? Denmark to Tax Online Poker Players?

Denmark, home of the reigning World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Peter Eastgate, is famous for having one of the heaviest and most complicated tax codes in Europe.

Check this out: Eastgate, who won $9.1 million at the WSOP Championship event last November was taxed at a 45 percent rate for his first $4 million, and 75 percent for the rest, leaving him with $2.5 million.

Now, the government is going one step further and hitting on online players. Which is outrageous. The Danish Supreme Court is ruling that¬† a 35 year old man, who had allegedly been earning a living as an online player, would have to be taxed as a “professional player,” like Eastgate. It’s weird because the Danes were one of the first to introduce state sponsored gaming system called Danske Spit. And the state operated a casino and poker room on its own. They’ve been very progressive. The irony is, the casinos have rooms where poker winnings are not taxed, as long as you play in those rooms.

So..looks like this is a way for the government to get people to come to their casinos, rather than play on line. What a bunch of hypocrites.

What do you think?



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