Tilt – What is it and How Should you Deal With it?

Tilt can happen at any time. When it occurs, it threatens to derail your whole tournament. Poker players must know what tilt is and what causes it, but they also need to have proper systems and strategies in place to deal with it. When things aren’t going your way, it can cause you to forget your usual tactics, and can lead to stupid decisions. Here we take a look at what tilt is, and some options to deal with it. Don’t worry, tilt happens to everyone. Some of the best players in the world get tilted, and many are famous for their angry plays at the poker table.

What Does It Mean To Be On Tilt?

To get to the latter stages of a poker tournament, players need to adopt an optimum strategy and stick to it. The reason why famous poker players have become so well-known is because they frequently make it to the latter stages of tournaments and pick up prizes. Phil Helmuth is generally considered to be one of the best poker players of all time and has 128 caches at the World Series of Poker – more than any other player. He is also well-known for his anger issues and the way he frequently gets tilted. However, as a professional, he knows how to deal with these situations and usually manages to keep playing with optimum strategy.

So what does it mean to be on tilt? You may have heard the phrase frequently while playing poker, because tilt happens a lot. It basically refers to when luck is against someone, and it causes them to get angry and start making silly decisions. Imagine flopping the nut straight, and having a player call you to the river. The fifth card provides that player with the flush, meaning you lose the hand. This is the kind of thing that would put players on tilt – when you play the hand correctly but the poker gods are just not shining down on you. When this happens, you may feel like everything is going against you and you are stuck in a hole. You need to take a step back, calm down, and go back to the table ready to play your usual strategy. The worst thing you can do is start betting wildly in an effort to win your chips back.

How Do Other Games Deal With Tilt?

A player on tilt may be tempted to throw a large portion of their stack into the next hand regardless of what they are holding, in an effort to win back their losses. For instance, they may look down at a weak ace and think that they can steal a pot. This is the worst thing you can do, because it goes against the mathematical reasoning which is going to get you far in a tournament. Looking at how other games are played could help in this situation. Tilt is by no means purely a poker term, and there are various other games in which players have to deal with waves of rotten luck.

In eSports, there is a lot of skill involved but also an element of luck. In games like League of Legends from Riot Games, there are some effects in the game world which are dictated by a random number generator. Good players have to know how to deal with these things, but can also get unlucky sometimes and start playing badly. Youtube content creator ScrapComputer says that players should stop and analyse their play, mute their opponents, and take exercise breaks. In roulette, players will often go on losing streaks and be tempted to throw more money in to offset their losses. But those who use a betting system can cope when they are tilted. According to Betway, the Martingale system is one of the most tried-and-tested ways of managing bankroll in roulette. Players simply have to double their bet every time they lose. So, if you start with a unit of $10, it’ll become $20. Then, if you win with that, you drop back down to $10. Statistically, they will eventually win their stake back.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is another eSports title in which players have had to come to terms with being tilted. Some players in the game’s community forums have even claimed they have broken their computers due to a bad case of tilt. Experts say they deal with this feeling by having clear-cut values before the game even starts. With them, it’s merely a case of knowing that tilt can happen and sticking to their guns when it does.

ScrapComputer claims that tilt is simply an act of human nature, and how the brain copes when things aren’t going well. Poker players need to understand what it is and have schemes to deal with it when it does occur. Don’t let your emotions ruin your chances of winning a tournament.

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