What happened to Baccarat?

Gone are the days of the dapper, dashing James Bond. in the 60’s and 70’s Jimbo would be in command of every situation, never get a smudge on his suit, and only engage in the classiest activities.  That’s why he played the high brow, gentleman’s game of baccarat. Now we have…

Daniel Craig’s Bond is not quite as confident and his suit get mussed far more often that Connery’s ever did, but he is playing a younger, more inexperienced secret agent. He’s a little rougher and dirtier around the edge’s and in Casino Royale, to go along with this new image, he played poker.

Giving the axe to the little known, lesser understood game was actually a smart idea beyond the simple fact that poker was a hot property in 2006. With a movie going populace that could be expected to have familiarity with poker as a climactic device, it was the perfect game to add suspense to the film without being bogged down with a lot of explanation. The audience could be trusted to just get it. They already knew the hand values and the flop/turn/river sequence of betting thanks to ESPN.

This film uses the game to very good effect. although I must say that I’ve never seen four of a kind come up against stright flushes more often then in the movies. I mean how often do regular poker players see either of those hands period? The prospect of them both coming up on the same hand is astronomical. I’ve certainly never seen it happen. Well, thats just the magic of the movies.

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