Weekend trip

Sorry for not posting the last two days, my roommates and I traveled up to Windsor, Canada to visit the casino try out some poker and whatnot. The room in total was up money, but I wasn’t so fortunate, haha. We played $3/$6 limit in two seven-hour sessions in Windsor’s new Poker Place and had a great time. I have a lot of stories to share, but I have a lot of work to catch up on, so I’ll leave you with one of the craziest pots of the night at a neighboring $1/$2 NL table:

Late in the night at the table and the average chip stacks of the remaining players was above $400 (max buyin was $100). Three players saw a flop with 55, 66, and 99. The flop was 5 6 3 and the pair of 9s went all in, the set of sixes called, and the set of 5s reraised all in.

The sixes had both of the players covered and called, and the person with the set of 5s had much more than the guy with 9s, so the side pot itself was nearing $900, with the whole pot upwards of $1400. Needless to say the sixes were in great place to take down a huge pot. The turn brought another 9, putting the 9s ahead, but the 6s still winning the side pot, until the river brought the case 5 for quads and the 5s scooped the enitre pot. So quick recap

55 ($550 preflop)
66 ($650 preflop)
99 ($300 preflop)

Flop: 5 6 3, everyone all in
Turn: 9
River: 5

and 5s scooped a $1400 pot… oh poker. More stories to come!

I've been playing poker for almost four years now (well before it was legal for me, woops!) Besides poker I enjoy playing the guitar and I'm very enthusiastic about pursuing Dentistry as a career. I'm currently at The Ohio State Univeristy studying Microbiology, living with three of my close friends. I'm dating a lovely girl from Australia and am looking forward to the oppurtunity to study abroad over there as well.

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