for those of you who are just getting home from work around now and your tired and thinking about just staying in for the night, please don’t. Get out and vote while you still have the chance. I know its late and you may be thinking that your vote doesn’t really matter much in the grand scheme of things but do it anyway.

The feeling of involvement and community at the polls makes any wait more than worthwhile. this is maybe the most historic election in american history. Don’t put yourself in a position to have to say, years from now, that you didn’t participate.

And just so you know, this is not coming from some blindly patriotic lemming who talks, every year, about rocking the vote and how your one vote really matters. I don’t normally vote. In fact I feel that voting is, in many ways a sublimation of one’s power to a system in which they have no voice anyway. But that is a very long discussion for another time. I’ve let my idealistic notions about voting give way to pragmatic concerns. This election is just too pragmatically important to not do what you can to affect this particular change.

And for god sakes, if there is any problem whatsoever with your ability to vote, don’t take it lying down. Report it to any number of hotlines, tell a journalist. Vote stealing and faulty machines as well as a litany of other concerns about the legitimacy of this election have already come up. As much as I don’t like voting to begin with, the idea of a stolen election is so sickening that it can’t be allowed to happen again. I don’t just mean 2000, but 2004 saw some of the most blatant, horrific voter fraud in this country’s recent history. That can’t happen again.

But, if you’ve read all this then you’re wasting valuable time. Some states will be closing VERY soon. So get out now, especially if you live in a swing state like I do.

Gamble with chips at the table, don’t gamble on the future of the country and the world.

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