Using Pot Control When Multi-Tabling

These days I think that there are three main ways to make money playing cash games. The first is to play deep stack and to only single table and to exploit the players who multi-table. Any strong poker player should increase their bb/100 doing this but will also decrease their $/hr figure while increasing their variance.

It is more than possible to make up for your opponents being solid if you can feel their game out much better. There are several downsides though to playing in this way and one is that if your opponents balance their ranges reasonably well even though multi-tabling then your edge may not be as great as you may think in some cases.

One other method that many players use on big sites is to play a minimum stack. Many sites these days have increased their minimum stack buy-ins and it is really only a matter of time before the rest of the sites follow suit otherwise they are going to end up being swamped by minimum stack regs. The third way is to play deep stack and play as many tables as you can.

However, to do this requires that you play a lot of pot control in pots. Unfortunately, this tactic is massively exploitable in the right circumstances but the fact is that many players will fail to exploit it. If you are going to play pot control when multi-tabling then I think you at least need to take notes on which players may be trying to exploit you.

It would be difficult for any player to adjust rapidly in such a situation and you would never expect an opponent who was playing twelve tables to have adjusted against a single opponent as rapidly as that.

Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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