UltimateBet.com cheating scandal! du duh duuuuuuuh!

Ultimate crybaby Phil Helmuth is the spokesman for UltimateBet.com which has recently been at the center of an alleged cheating ring.

Apparently some smart bloggers and players found some strange behavior among certain members of the UltimateBet.com community. After some nifty statistical analysis (these are poker players after all. How long did they think that would go unnoticed) there is little doubt that certain members have been cheating with some type of program that allows them to look at their opponents hole cards.

What really makes this a big deal is the length of time that it has gone on; at least 3 years (Ok so maybe they did get away with it for a while)! the cheating ring from Jan 05 to Jan 08 has prompted a $75 million dollar claim against the company. With these kind of numbers there are certainly countless players who were victims who will likely never see the money they lost, if they even know for sure that it happened to them. So if anybody plays or has played on UltimateBet.com I’d stop and read this article.

Hey maybe the government will step in an bail them out AIG style?

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