Ultimate Bet No Deposit Bonus with YourPokerCash

Last night I lost all my no deposit bonus money that I got to play at Ultimate Bet, an online room that Phil Hellmuth plays at.  Through YourPokerCash I got $50 to play on the site.  In addition to this $50, which I received in my UB account after about 5 business days, I was eligible to earn additional money for just playing, $1 for every UB point, up to $50.  I had earned about $8 from this source.  So my total losses from UB were about $58.

What did I learn from the experience?  Not much.  I started off playing at the $.25-$.50 no limit tables, not because there weren’t smaller stake tables – there were – but rather because I thought that I was better than I was.  I was quickly disabused of this thought.  So I guess I learned something after all.  I’m either bad or rusty.

Although I was up at one time, this was short lived, and in a matter of a couple of days, I had lost everything, except for about $0.73.  I took this money to the $0.01-$0.02 no limit tables and started playing my old tight game, the one I’ve written about in previous posts.  In a few days, I took this pittance and turned it into a little less of a pittance, over $6.  But last night, I was playing at a table with a couple of aggressive players, and I got carried away.  I lost half of my hard-earned money – $3 – and decided to move to a different table, at which I lost most of it when my full house lost to a higher one.

I have $0.07 left in my account, not enough to play at any of the tables.   It was fun while it lasted.  I’m now waiting to see if get a similar sort of no deposit deal with Full Tilt, sponsored by YourPokerCash.  I can’t wait.

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