Types of poker and where you can play it

The best online poker sites will offer you more than just Texas Hold’em to play. The poker rooms will also offer several other popular poker variations. Texas Hold’em is still the king as the most popular online game, but you can win some serious coin if you can master one of the following poker games.

Types of poker

Omaha Poker

Omaha – similar to Texas Holdem, except you are dealt four hole cards, which only two can be used to make your hand, and only three of the five community cards can be used to complete your hand. You can have six possible starting hands in Omaha as opposed to only one in Texas Holdem.

The strategy is very similar to Holdem, except you have to remember you have to use exactly two hole cards in Omaha, as opposed to none, one or both in Holdem. You can use three, four or all five community cards in Holdem, as opposed to exactly three in Omaha.

Your strategy to playing Omaha should be similar to Holdem, except for you have to account for the fact you can only play two of your four hole cards for your best qualifying hand. In other words, look for the best possible hand, preflop, flop, turn and/or the river.

If you can remember you have to use two of the four hole cards and exactly three community cards to make your best possible hand, and then compare it to the best possible hand available at each stage of betting, you should be able to tell whether or not you should call/check/fold/raise/reraise.

Omaha 8/b (Omaha 8 or Better)/Omaha High-Low Split

The objective of this game is to win both ends of the pot if possible, which can be accomplished by making the best possible high hand if there is no qualifying low hand (5 different cards between 8 or lower), or making a qualifying high and low. The best play you can make is to make going for the high portion of the pot your priority, since you are guaranteed at least 50% of the pot, and if there is no qualifying low, 100% of the pot goes to the best qualifying high hand.

You should look at your hole cards, and see at least two of them are between Ace and a five, because of the possibility of making the best possible low hand, a wheel (5-4-3-2-A), and a shot at a high hand (Straight, Ace to Five).

This ensures you have at least a shot at making the low end. If you have at least one Ace among your hole cards, this could prove extremely valuable, because it could be used to make your qualifying low and qualifying high hand. If you have three cards 9 or higher in your possible hand, you will have no chance at making the low end. If you have three cards or more 5 or lower, when you include the community cards, in your hand, generally your chances of winning the pot are very good.

Razz Seven Card Stud Low

The objective of RAZZ is to make the best qualifying low hand, and there is no restrictions as to the hand for the low hand. For example…a low hand with A-K-Q-J-x, where x represents any number between 2 and 9 is theoretical but an unlikely winning hand.

Since the cards are dealt in the following manner: two cards dealt face down, one card dealt face up, round of betting, another card dealt face up, round of betting, another card dealt face up, round of betting, another card dealt face up, round of betting, final card dealt face down, you should examine your opponents cards dealt face up. You should think of your best possible low, i. e. highest card to lowest card on each possible hand. You should look at your opponent’s third highest face up card, after the third face up card has been dealt. This is because you can make your best low from the five lowest cards, so essentially two of the cards in a player’s hand can be discarded.

If a player’s third highest face card is of greater or equivalent value to your high card at this point, you should probably continue playing. If it is lower, than you should probably fold.

If any player with face up cards, has two pairs or three of a kind, you should watch this situation carefully. It means that the player at best, can make the low using at least one of the cards in this situation.

If the player has a pair, the player still doesn’t have to worry, because he can use one of the cards or both of the cards as a throwaway card. If the player with two pairs, or three of a kind has a high value like (9 or better), this is good for you, because usually qualifying lows in this game are won by hands 8 or lower.

I will consider playing a hand with one 9, but no cards 10 or higher, and no hands with duplicate 9s. Generally, I apply the 8/b rule to Razz, with the allowance for one 9 in my hand, because a 9 in your hand might qualify you to win the pot.

Seven Card Stud

The objective of this game is to make the best qualifying hand. Watch your opponents’ face up cards, and compare their best possible hand for each betting round to yours. If your hand is relatively weak in comparison to what is on the board, then fold. Since there are three hole cards, the opponent can use up to three cards for their five card hand, which you have no knowledge of. Therefore, you have to be able to calculate who has the best possible hand at each stage, and can your hand possibly overtake what is the best possible hand at the moment, if your best possible hand is not the best hand at the moment.

Stud 8/b (Stud Eights or Better)/Seven Card Stud High Low-Split

This is another High-Low Split game. Your only information is to look at your opponents’ face up cards. Remember, if you’re going for a qualifying low, look at the opponents third highest faceup dealt cards.

If the third highest up card is between a 9 and a King, you don’t have to worry about that opponent because the opponent can’t make their qualifying low. Your priority should be to go for the high end of the pot first, since you are guaranteed at least 50% of the total pot if you win, or 100% if there is no qualifying low, and if this is not realistic given the situation, concentrate on the low end of the pot if you have enough cards 8 or lower.

Fold if you have three or more cards between 9 and a King. It is preferable if you play with 5 unique cards between 7 or lower to increase your chances at the pot, when you’re starting out, or you are running low on chips. You can apply this technique to Omaha 8/b or Razz as well. Yes, this will.

make your betting hands fairly limited on the low hand, but your odds of winning increase. I would also try to ensure at least three of my cards in my qualifying low are 5 or lower.

As you probably have heard by now, online poker is legal in a few states. The states that have legalized and regulated online poker include Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. People who live in those states are allowed to play online poker at one of the poker rooms that the state has certified.

The only current problems that exist in this system is that there may not be enough real money players in these states to support multiple online poker rooms. As the laws currently are written, only players located within the states borders are able to play at these regulated poker rooms. There is no way of sharing poker players between the states that have passed legislation, nor can these players play against poker players outside of the country.

Where you can play it?

Let’s show you where to play real money poker online on a state by state basis.

New Jersey

As New Jersey has the largest population out of the 3 states that have regulated online poker, they also have the most options for poker players to choose between.

WSOP.com – This is the official site of the World Series of Poker. They are currently regulated by both New Jersey and Nevada. They offer a $25K Guaranteed tournament every Sunday at 6 PM. There’s also a $15K and a $10K tournament which also takes place on Sundays. There are also $100 Daily Freeroll. There is no default bonus when you make your first deposit, but there are monthly bonuses to take advantage of.

Ultimate Poker – This is the official poker room of the UFC and is also regulated in both New Jersey and Nevada. You can receive a 100% deposit match up to $500 when you make your initial deposit. Deposit between $50 and $500 and you will be eligible to earn the bonus money when you play at the real money tables. The bonus will be released to you in $50 increments by earning 2000 Experience Points. You will earn these point by contributing rake in cash games and by paying the tournament entry fees on Sit N Go’s and Scheduled Tournaments. Residents of New Jersey can receive $25 of free play credited to your account instantly (not available in Nevada).

888 Poker – Anyone in the United States can make a deposit, but you can only play for real money when your IP address is located in New Jersey. People have tried to take advantage of proxy servers to make themselves appear to be in New Jersey, but the proxy server IP addresses are being banned when they are found. You can receive $10 Free when you register on the site and can receive welcome bonuses totaling up to $888.

Betfair Casino and Poker Room – Residents of New Jersey can play at both the online poker room and the online casino, which consists of 50+ games. You can receive $10 free to play at the casino and $25 free (plus 8 free tournament tickets) to play at the poker room. There are also Weekday bonuses and a 100% signup bonus up to $300 to use on the casino games. You can also play these games from your mobile Android or Apple devices.

Borgata Poker – You can get a 100% bonus up to $600 on your first deposit at Borgata poker. There is also a New Depositor Freeroll where you can win up to $1, 000. The big tournament is the weekly $50K GTD Sunday tournament with a $200 buy-in. They also offer a Happy Hour schedule that allows players to double the number of iReward points that are earn by playing at the real money tables. These points can be used to spend in the My Borgata iRewards store.

Party Poker – Although it is difficult to find by searching on Google, you can visit Party Poker New Jersey by going to nj. partypoker. com to play at the real money poker tables offered to players within the state. You can receive a free $25 chip which you can use at the real money poker tables when you sign up to the website. This site shares many of the same features and resources as Borgata Poker, including the $50K Sunday tournament.

Golden Nugget NJ – You will be able to play online poker at the prestigious Golden Nugget casino in New Jersey by visiting their website at goldennuggetpoker. com soon. The real money online poker room has been registered with the state of New Jersey and will be coming soon. A free version will be available to everyone in the country at goldennuggetpoker. net at the same time.


Nevada currently only has three poker rooms registered for real money play. Two of them have already been listed above: WSOP. com and Ultimate Poker. The third poker room is called RealGaming. com and it is only available to residents of Nevada. There is a location verification app that must be downloaded on your iPhone or Android phone in order to verify that you are located within the state of Nevada. This is part of the state law for regulating online poker in Nevada.


Delaware currently has a total of three online poker rooms that are regulated: Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Harrington Gaming Online. All three websites appear to be related as the webpages and software appear to be virtually identical. Delaware Park and Dover Downs both offers a 100% welcome bonus up to $200 plus 50 free spins on their slot machines. Harrington Gaming Online offers a 100% bonus up to $100 and 50 free spins on the slots. The software is currently only available to be download and played from a computer that resides within the state of Delaware.

Obviously, Doyle’s Room has changed ownership and is now Americas Cardroom. There is a complete review of Americas Cardroom available on this website. Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of other websites that allows USA poker players to play in the real money poker rooms.

The reviews below are of some of the best US Poker Sites that allows real money gambling.

Bovada Poker

Bovada Poker is operated by the same company that owns and manages Bodog Casino, Poker and Sportsbook. Using their own software, Bovada Poker gives players the most realistic graphics to date. They offer a special feature called anonymous poker where you do not know the identity of the poker players that are playing at the table with you. You can also participate at the Zone Poker tables, where you can play at the ring game tables. You will only play one hand with that table. Once you fold, you will be whisked away to another table and start over again.

New players can get a 100% Match Bonus up to $1, 000 Free, and will be entered for a weekly $5, 000 freeroll qualifiers. And for the serious player, Bovada Poker is giving away qualifying seats to the 2014 World Series of Poker Championship for players that earn them.

Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker is so big that it can afford to give bonuses to new players which many other poker rooms simply cannot even touch. You can get a 200% bonus up to $5, 000, when you deposit $2, 500. Enter the deposit bonus code CARBONPK. You will earn $10 at a time as you play ring games and poker tournaments. Carbon Poker has been online since 2004, has over 20, 000 members, and gives away over $4 million is prize pool tournaments every day. They are also giving away seats to the major poker tournaments in 2014.

Sportsbook Poker

This poker room guarantees $2 million every month, and has a player base of over 20, 000. The cool thing about Sportsbook Poker is that they allow players to use their poker software for free, and as long as one likes. Learn the rules first at Omaha, Stud and Texas Holdem – And then gamble for real money. Sportsbook Poker has an excellent Comp program which gives VIP status to players, enabling them to compete in a monthly tournament for over $10, 000. In addition to an up to the hour tournament schedule posted live on the website, players have access to 24 hour support and some of the fastest payouts on the Web.

Lock Poker

Licensed by the Kahnawakee Gaming Commission, Lock Poker has nothing but poker games, and a large selection at that. Learn to play some of the less common poker games like Pan Poker, all the while taking advantage of a 100% Match Bonus by using the code LOCKV2 – That means deposit as much as $2, 000 and get double that to play with. The VIP Comp program gives up to 20% rake back, and treats its members very well. A $1, 000 Free Roll is still available.

BetOnline Poker

BetOnline Poker has some of the most amazing poker room graphics on the internet. Preview the software and you will see what we mean. It allows players to have a Birds Eye 3-D view of the playing table, and is surprisingly a fast download. Also with this amazing software package comes the best security protocols available, insuring maximum protection on all accounts and financial transactions. The customer service is very responsive and knowledgeable also. New players can get a 25% bonus up to $100 with few terms.

Multiplayer Poker takes poker back to its origins, instead of playing against the machine (like Video Poker or Caribbean Stud), you play against other players. There is a variety of games available to play on the internet; the most common are listed below.

Texas Hold’em Poker – With four rounds of betting and speedy game play, Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most popular multiplayer poker games on the internet. It generally has the lowest limit games. Two cards are dealt down to each player, while five cards are dealt face up which are community cards. This gives you 7 cards to create the best hand and win the pot.

Omaha Poker – In Omaha Poker players have to make the best five-card combination from a total of nine cards. Four pocket cars and five community cards are dealt; the strongest poker hand wins the pot.

Omaha Hi-Lo – Omaha Hi-Lo Poker is a variation of Texas Hold’em Poker. The pot is split between the player with the best and the player with the worst hand. This encourages people with poor hands to stay in and hopefully bet more.

Seven Card Stud Poker – Seven Card Stud is won by having the best five card poker hand at the end of the five betting rounds. It is a skillful game and leads to some very high pots.

Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo – This is another game that will award a Lo Hand winner if someone has 8 High or worse (no pairs, no straight). The Lo Hand winner will receive a 50/50 split of the overall pot. There are many hands where a Lo Hand is not awarded. If a player receives a low hand early, they will pump up the pot as high as they can.

Five Card Stud Poker – To win five card stud poker you have to have the best poker hand at the end of the round. You can make tactical decisions based on the other player’s cards visible on the table. This game has four rounds of betting.

Razz Poker – Razz is the same as Seven Card stud with the only difference being that you want to receive the worst hand in order to win. The best hand in Razz is Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5.

1 on 1 Poker – 1 on 1 Poker can involve any of the above games; betting limits are determined by the players. It is somewhat of a head to head challenge for poker players.

Triple Draw – There are three basic types of triple draw games that you will find played online: Deuce-7 Lowball, Ace-5 Lowball and Badugi. As it implies, you will receive multiple draws to reach the goal of receiving the lowest hand. After each draw, there is a round of betting.

Deuce-7 has the Ace as a high card and the lowest hand possible is 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7. Ace-5 has the Ace as a low card and the lowest hand possible is the Wheel (Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Badugi is a 4 card Triple Draw game with the object of receiving four cards of different rank and suit. Example: Ace of spades, 3 of diamonds, 4 of hearts and 6 of clubs. This is called a Badugi. The player with the lowest Badugi is the winner. The best hand is Ace, 2, 3 and 4 with all four suits.

While these aren’t the only poker games that there are, you won’t find many other poker varieties played in online poker rooms.

Americas Cardroom is the new host of the previous poker room called Doyle’s Room. This poker room is still accepting players from the United States. The computer software is very similar and there isn’t much of a change besides the name and association with Doyle Brunson.

Here are a couple of the current promotions that are being offered at Americas Cardroom:

Promotions and Welcome Bonuses

For new players to Americas Cardroom – you can receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit, up to $1, 000 on a deposit of the same amount. Make a deposit of at least $50 and start playing.

You will receive $1 of the bonus money for every 55 Rank Points that you earn. You will earn these points by playing in raked hands or via tournament entry fees.

In addition to that, you can receive a free seat into the weekly $250 New Depositor Freerolls for each week that month. This means it is more beneficial to wait until early in the month as you will have up to 4 chances to play in these freerolls.

The $250 New Depositor Freeroll starts every Saturday at 12: 05 PM EST. You will start with 100 chips; you will also receive one Rebuy and One Add-on for 1400 chips for free.

Current Promotions for Current Players

Bad Beat Jackpot – In order to win this jackpot (currently $140, 000), you must be participating in a hand where someone is beaten with Four 8’s or better. Both cards in the players hand must play in order to be eligible.

If this happens, here is how the payouts are received: 30% of the jackpot goes to the loser of the hand; 20% goes to the winner of the hand; 10% is divided amongst the other players at the table; 30% goes to reseed the next jackpot; 10% goes to the house.

$50K Guaranteed – Takes place every Sunday at 7PM EST. You can get in directly by paying $200+$15 or using 14, 190 Points. Alternatively, you can also qualify through weekly Satellites to get in for less money/points. You will start with 10, 000 chips and there are no re-buys or add-ons.

$10K Guaranteed – Takes place every Saturday at 9PM EST. You can buy in for $50+5. You will start with 5, 000 chips; you can re-buy once and add-on once.

$2, 500 Guaranteed – Takes place every Wednesday at 8PM EST. You can buy in for $5+50¢. You will start with 2, 500 chips and there are no re-buys or add-ons.

There are also other Freeze Out, Bounty and No Limit holdem poker tournaments.

The Beast

The Beast is a monthly progressive Rake Race where the Jackpot is won every month. You can receive rewards of part of the hundreds of thousands in cash and free tournament entries.

When you play at a Jackpot table, there are 4 players that are dealt into a pot and a jackpot fee is taken. You earn points for every hand that you contributed to the pot. Each month, you can track your progress on the Leaderboard on the Rewards tab under «Points Race».

The hope of the writer of this paper here before you is to instruct the readers who are honestly attracted to the «poker room online bonus code» business to get to know as well as employ calculated approaches concerning the knowledge base of poker bonuses. In online poker it isn’t merely what is held in your hand that counts, but as well as what the other players think is inside your hand.

These poker room bonuses are available to help poker players get extra money that they lose when they pay for rake fees and tournament entry fees. In order to be profitable, you need to be a little better than 50/50. The bonus money is released to you a little bit at a time. You will need to accumulate points from the poker room in order to exchange them for the bonus money.

Some poker rooms will make you use a code in order to receive the bonus money; others may give you a bonus automatically. The poker room that I currently play at is Lock Poker. This is one of the poker sites that makes you use a bonus code in order to receive the money. You can take a look at the Lock Poker bonus code here.

If you bet as if you’ve better cards than you actually have this is called bluffing, yet the true skill is to identify at what time to bluff. A competitor who never bluffs cannot assume to make the same amount of money like a player which bluffs with the proper rate of recurrence, most standard game players have a tendency to bluff too much at online poker casino site.

Online poker popularity in the world is extremely huge and millions of people are playing it in internet poker website from various countries and continents. A particular federation was created as to fuse all the poker contestants in the whole world and to make it an international game. Going through the last chapter of this poker room online bonus code review, we’ll find out just how important the theme might be for the sakes of a lot of persons.

Staying Aggressive in Online Poker

Do not get frightened to raise. The less internet poker opponents that are in the pot together with you, the more inclined you should be to raise rather than call. Usually the most excellent choice is to raise, next best is to pass and also the worst choice is to match.

The exception is whenever appear to be a lot of other internet poker site competitors within the pile. In this case the odds are that some player holds a powerful hand. In such case you might remove your average deals as well as call by high draws.

But when you make that hand, do not waste it. Raise! You are supposed to come to the internet poker gaming website game with a cloudless perception, be intent plus participating. In case you’ve an annoyance, or are burdened because of difficulties, you’re having the inferior position therefore play.

Mark, for instance, how online poker players are putting their chips to the bank – are they hurling them forcefully or are they placing them carefully? These little signs add up to an image. Succeeding to understand this picture would offer you the upper hand.

One of the most excellent capabilities at casino poker is the skill to decode the competitors. It is not a science, moreover an talent. At first, you’ve to be extremely observant. When your head is in the sky throughout a match, a lot may pass you. Look after the tournament on all occasions, even at the time you are not at the hand. In that case look and also find out how a player wagers and brings up.

Don’t be too emotional on the online poker table. Poor beats would occur. online poker gaming room losing sessions can take place. Maddening adversaries will occur. Accept it and do not let your emotions sway your line of though at the board. When you have questions about this subject, you can look back to this poker room online bonus code text in the role of a helpful manual.

Poker is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and throughout the years one variation has grown to become more popular than the rest – Texas Hold ‘Em.

This variation combines the thrill of gambling with the skill of utilizing the community cards to your best advantage, all while trying to outplay the other players, both in terms of skill and guile. For those looking to get started in this highly exciting game, what are the basics that they need to know?

The first thing to know about Texas Hold ‘Em poker is the structure, and this is the main way in which it varies from the original form of the game. All players get given two cards – known as their «hole cards» – which only they are able to see.

After bets are placed based solely on these cards, the remaining players are able to see the first three cards, all of which are dealt face up in the centre of the table. After the next round of bets, a fourth card is dealt, and the same happens before the fifth card is dealt – which is the final card.

Players then have to make the best 5 card combination from the 7 cards that they have at their disposal in order to win the pot – unless they bluff, of course!

So how can one give themselves an advantage over the rest of the field when playing Texas Hold ‘Em poker? Well, the trick is to maintain control yet also be aggressive whenever possible, milking the pot for everything it is worth when you have a good hand.

This can involve a number of different tactics, such as check trapping, placing value bets and, when you are confident, going all in. It is also important to realise that folding is just as important when trying to build up a chip stack – Texas Hold ‘Em has a habit of making people chase cards, which almost always invariably leads to disappointed players, as that flush doesn’t materialize or the straight fails to come out.

Bluffing also plays a large part in Texas Hold ‘Em poker, due to the fact that it is possible to have an idea of the hand that another player has, because they are going to have to use some of the community cards. Bluffing is less prevalent in online poker – such as the games played at doyle’s room – due to the fact that you are unable to read the player, but it can still be accomplished by the more skillful players. For beginners though, it is better to play safe and not bluff too often.

For those of you who are wondering «Where has Doyle’s Room gone?», there are a couple of updates that you need to be aware of. People who have been playing at Doyle’s Room have already been transferred over to America’s Card Room. Other then a new logo and a switch back to the Yatahay Poker Network, it is pretty much business as usual.

Since April, Doyle’s Poker Room has lost their partnership with the legendary poker player in the wake of «Black Friday». This is when the US government seized the domain names of the top 4 online poker sites. The Doyle’s Room domain name was also taken a little more than a week later. Doyle’s Room changed domains to doylesroom. ag; however, the damage had already been done.

They tried to switch poker software networks a couple of times, but eventually was bought by Americas Card Room. This is a far better circumstance than we have seen with some other prominent poker sites recently. All of the players have been successfully moved over with their cash protected.

There is still a nice welcome bonus and a new depositors freeroll to take advantage of after you make your first deposit. There will be more news on the new poker tournaments and other features that are in the works. Until then, please feel free to check out Americas Card Room for yourself.

Visit Americas Card Room

Doyle’s Room has started to offer 12 hours of poker freerolls each and every Friday in August. They are calling it «Freeroll Fridays» and you can get in on the action starting 5 minutes past the hour, every hour, between Noon (ET) and Midnight (ET).

The majority of the mid-day freerolls are only $50. This includes the freerolls that start at 12: 05, 1: 05, 2: 05, 4: 05, 5: 05, 7: 05, 9: 05 and 11: 05. There are two $75 freerolls that start at 3: 05PM and 10: 05PM. The 6: 05PM freeroll is worth $100 and the 8: 05 freeroll is worth $200!

You can still sign up at Doyle’s Room and take advantage of this and many more promotions and bonuses that have already been featured on this site.

You are going to need a poker freeroll strategy if you plan on taking home any of this cash. Freerolls are played a lot differently than a poker tournament with a buy-in. Not only are there more players, but there are also smaller starting chip stacks and faster blinds than you may be used to.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the special 100% first deposit bonus. You can receive up to $1000 free. In order to receive this bonus, you must deposit a minimum of $25 and start playing at the tables.

You will need to accumulate Frequent Player Points (FPPs) in order to receive this bonus. For every 1¢ raked, you will receive 1 FPP. You will need to get 500 FPPs for every dollar. A player will need to get 50, 000 FPPs in order to take advantage of the full bonus.

For the month of August, you can also earn FPP Free Parking. Earn 25, 000 FPPs in August and collect an extra $25. Earn 50, 000 FPPs and collect a second $25. Earn an additional 100, 000 FPPs and collect $100. There are also $200, $500 and $1000 prizes available for those you play poker constantly.

Doyle’s Room is pleased to announce that it is business as usual for their players in all markets. The poker room is still going strong and launching new promotions for new players. Poker players from the United States are still welcome at Doyle’s Room as are online players from most jurisdictions.

Please note, not all people live in jurisdictions where online poker and internet gaming is legal. Please check with your local jurisdiction regarding the legality of playing real-money games.

As far as the United States is concerned, poker players from Washington State, Louisiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri are not allowed to participate because of state laws forbidding their citizens from playing in online poker rooms or any other form of online betting.

The current methods for depositing money into your Doyle’s Room account include Neteller, Moneybookers, Bankwire, EntroPay and two different types of Person to Person Transactions. The minimum deposit amount is $25. 00 and the maximum deposit amount is $2, 500. 00.

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