True Or False…  1 Out Of 100 ER Visits Are For Gambling Problems

Heart attack?  Gun shot wound?  Appendicitis?  You’ll probably hurry on down to your local emergency room.  But how about for gambling?

A recent study out of Canada looked at visits by problem gamblers (PG) to an emergency room near Quebec’s largest casino.  Interesting stats…

Who came to the ER?  3 times as many men came in as women for PG.

How many visits for gambling problems compared to other problems?  About 1 out of each 100 visits were for gambling problems, and this percentage is increasing.

Why did gamblers come in?  The 3 most common reasons were:

  • depression
  • suicidal thoughts
  • attempted suicide

Besides their gambling problem, what other diagnoses were these gamblers given?

  • depression
  • drug or alcohol problems
  • problems adjusting to a stress

If you’re getting in over your head, visit Gamblers Anonymous.

The original study appeared in the August 2007 issue of the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry.

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