Trailer Park Casino

They may seem silly or inane, but bumbling criminal stories are funny.

Two men in Greenwood Mississippi were caught running illegal video poker machines out of a trailer.

It’s no major felony, just a misdemeanor. What’s funny though is that someone called the police to inform them what was going on, then they apparently staked out the trailer for some time before making their move. The fact that they called it a raid is probably a little much. Were they afraid they might need a SWAT team to go into some hick’s broke ass trailer and slap him with a fine for running running video poker machines? Imagine a couple deputies walking tward the front door. As they approached the sound of bleeps and buzzers mixed with the occasional groan from the hapless players was certainly audible. Then they gave the old cop style knock on the door. When the proprietors (doubtlessly toothless and wife beater clad) of that classy establishment answered, they kicked everybody out and carted off the machines to personally enjoy back at the squad room. Remember officers, don’t chase and gut shot straights.

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