Tournaments for show….cash games for dough

If you are serious about playing online poker then you need to decide which form of poker suits you better. On online poker rooms? then you will have more choice than you can literally shake a stick at. But both tournaments and cash games suit different people. In tournament poker then you have the excitement level that is simply not present in cash games where if you are of a certain disposition then they can literally bore you senseless. For me though I need the regular income and this can really only be achieved by playing cash games.

If you play say ten tables at cash games then you will see at least 800 hands per hour. This is assuming of course that you play full ring but for a full-time player who plays forty hours per week then this equates to around 32,000 hands per week and around 130,000 hands per month and around 1.5 million hands per year. So even at 130,000 hands then the chances of you having a losing month after that type of sample size is pretty rare. This is all assuming of course that you have a winning hourly rate. If you are breaking even and recycling money then you will have losing months.

But any player for example who was making 5bb/100 has 1300 lots of one hundred to aim for and so it will be very difficult for a player under those circumstances to have a losing month. This is all assuming of course that you are a winning player. However, you will never take down a big score in cash games and in tournaments then you are always in with a chance of taking down a life-changing sum of money and this is an element that is missing very much from cash games.

It all depends on what you want from your online poker. I always think that the overwhelming majority of players simply don’t have a gambling style in tournament poker anyway. This means that they simply do not amass enough chips in big events to be able to get to the final table and beyond. There are many good players in large field events and some of these players like to gamble it up.

You have to remember that poker is also a gambling game and it attracts not just gamblers but also very good poker players and also players that are a combination of the two. This means for the vast majority of players then they never ever amass a big enough stack and their natural defensive mentality kicks in when they least need it.

Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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