Tips For Good Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping at night then the reasons can be manifold. For some, temporary insomnia occurs as a result of stress at work or home or after a recent traumatic experience, for others, it can be as simple as a case of having an uncomfortable mattress or curtains that are not heavy enough. If you have suffered significant insomnia for many years then it may be a case of going to your GP and seeking some professional, medical advice. If your insomnia is fleeting or a recent occurrence, there are things you can do to try and help yourself first, however.

First of all, ensure that your room is a peaceful and comfortable environment, conducive to good sleep. Ensure your mattress, bedding and pillows are of a good quality to allow you to feel comfy at night time. Making sure your room is not too hot will also help, as it is easier to sleep in a slightly cool room. If your curtains let the light in, consider investing in blackout blinds or heavier curtains to allow you to sleep for longer. Avoid having a TV or computer in your bedroom and instead make your bedroom the place where you sleep and relax.

Winding down before you go to bed will also help. So avoid activities such as watching scary films or playing exciting bingo games right before bed, and instead opt for a warm bath with relaxing music and a chapter or two of a good book. This doesn’t mean you have to give up games and TV altogether of course; tea time is a better time to enjoy these activities rather than later at night, so play Online Bingo now, at tea time, if you enjoy it, and then you won’t feel you”ve missed out by not playing it later at night. You can play Bingo here and then spend the hour or two before bed relaxing and switching off completely.

Hopefully, these small changes should soon see you sleeping easier and feeling much better in general.

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