Tiffany Michelle

I was up late the other night watching reruns of the last few tables at the WSOP. Her appearance there certainly made this young lady the female face of poker. What will the effect of that be? Is she in a position to advance women in proffessional poker? She ruffled quit a few feathers at the world series and afterward. She did not seem to ingratiate herself to the other players at the table or to her sponsor. There has been plenty of talk about that. What is for certain though is that attention was focused squarely on her. Which, I have no doubt, was entirely by design.

Ms. Michelle has  great deal of experience in front of an audience. According to her website she has been an actress and musician since she was 10 years old appearing in shows like ER and Nip/Tuck. She’s not as technically proficient or controlled as someone like Annie Duke – partially a product of her age no doubt – but she knows how to play to the media like few players do. Lets face it, the media has become an integral part of poker. From ESPN to blogs like this, it is a very powerful advantage to be able to make those outlets work for you. Anyone involved in show business knows that any publicity is good publicity.

So how about it Shelly? Take advantage of some free publicity and do an interview for pokermoments.com? Being a philosopher, I can guarantee much more interesting questions than any other schmoe interviewer on the web.

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