Three-Betting Poker

The three-bet is an aggressive move that, when pulled off correctly, can be immensely profitable. When pulled off incorrectly, it can make you look like a fool, or worse, a poor fool.

To ‘three-bet’ is to make the third bet in the round e.g. someone makes a bet, someone raises that bet, then you re-raise, or three-bet. Pre-flop, the three-bet usually signals the beginning of the end – two or more players stacking off and going all-in.

If you smell out a bluff from the raiser, the three-bet will often get them to lay it down, but if the raiser is strong, you must always be prepared that they will come back at you with a four-bet.

The three-bet out of the blinds can often be a really good way to stop aggressive players from constantly attacking the blinds. A three-bet from the blinds can stun an opponent and give them a forceful reminder that the blinds aren’t free money.

The ‘squeeze’ is often a great three-bet play. A squeeze play is one where someone open raises from early position and gets a flat call.

From late position you can reraise, or ‘squeeze’ the other two players, knowing that many players open the raising with a wide range of hands, and a player flat calling an open raiser generally indicates only minor strength.

Not only do you seize the initiative in the hand, you also hold position over your opponents.

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