Thin Value Betting

Sometimes the act of betting in a Betfair Poker Live Prague event can be quite an easy decision. You flop the absolute nuts against an opponent who just doesn’t quite understand the word “fold”.

In this type of scenario, you just keep on betting until you either run out of streets, or run out of chips. But on other occasions your decision on whether or not to bet, can be a little bit more complicated.

Sometimes you reach the river with, what you think might possibly be the best hand, but are plagued by doubt. When faced with this decision most people just check in order to get to showdown.

But the truly great players go for a bet. In this business, betting when you are expecting to be called a high percentage of the time by better hands is known as thin value betting.

The players making thin value bets are thinking long term. Their philosophy is that if they win more than they lose through thin value betting over the long run then that amount is significantly higher than just checking to get to showdown. In a game of small margins every chip counts.

When you are considering a thin value bet in a Betfair World Series of Poker event, always weigh up how thin it actually is. Listen to your gut instinct. The more likely it is that your opponent will call; the cheaper you should make the bet.

Remember, you are aiming for the lower rung of his value range, and these types of hands are generally affected by the size of our bet. The worse hand they hold the less likely they are going to risk a lot of money on a hero call. When playing against really astute opponents you may even be trying to get value from ace high.

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