The return of an old favourite

Ever since I first turned professional in online poker in 2002 then the game has been continually evolving. This has meant that in order to really stay afloat as a poker player that one has had to evolve with the times or risk no longer being able to be a profitable poker player. Any online poker room will have basically evolved in a very similar way and I have played at most of them in that time. Recently though one of my old favorites has recently re-launched called Pokerroom.

This used to be one of the better sites in the online poker world and had plenty of fish to get your teeth into. As a serious online poker player then I am all too aware of the need for good game selection. Poker room was one of the very first sites to offer real money games and it made huge leaps forward in the online poker industry when many of the other sites were still in their infancy. There are many interesting game facts that can be gleaned from the Pokerroom lobby and all serious poker players will be looking at the lobby stats to ascertain which games they can choose.

As always then the serious player needs to be able to choose from a wide variety of games and the average skill level of your opponents has risen sharply over the past few years. In my opinion, then Pokerroom fulfills the obligation of providing valuable liquidity for players in cash games and tournament poker. But also as a serious poker player then you are often better off staying clear of the larger sites anyway. If you take the really big sites then these tend to attract the serious professionals and this is something that you do not necessarily want or crave.

These days then it is no limit hold’em that any poker site must push because this is the form of poker that is on every ones lips and it is also the form of poker that people see on television. Even though many of the serious professionals are switching to PLO from hold’em then for pure game selection then it is no limit hold’em that has the largest player base. A big winner in PLO will earn more big blinds per table but in hold’em then the action can be more or less automatic.

Pokerroom have recently been showing stats of around 40,000 active players and so this is good news for any serious player who is looking to multi-table. Once again looking around the site lobby can reveal where the best games are. For example simply looking at stack size can be indicative of skill these days. The best players who play poker seriously tend to only play either a minimum stack or a maximum stack; they tend not to play in between. So if you glance at the site lobby and see six players on a certain table who have stack sizes in a no limit game of between 50bb and 80bb then rush and take a seat.

Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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