The Professional Poker Player

Poker may not be a sport but the players who choose the game as a way to pay the bills have the title Professional Poker Player as their job description. By the very definition of the name, the players must act professionally if they are going to make a profit in a game that is getting increasingly more difficult to prosper.

The professional Texas Holdem poker player has a variety of different goals and many of them are money orientated, but there is still a drive to be the very best in the business. Daniel Negreanu starts each year by setting a series of ten poker related goals and 2012 has been no exception. Goal number three on the Canadian’s wish list is to regain the top spot as the all-time money earner – a spot currently being kept warm by Erik Seidel. Maybe the all-time money list is an accurate portrayal of who the best in the business are? Maybe or maybe not but the list is deemed important enough to be turned into a goal for Kid Poker.

Goal number eight simply reads: to have a better year than Jason Mercier. This is an indication from Negreanu that he believes Mercier is the standard bearer in live tournament poker. Interestingly, Mercier will move to the top of the Epic Poker League (EPL) rankings in the next few weeks, so maybe the EPL is the latest way of keeping score in the world of poker? You would think so except Mr. Negreanu doesn’t count a listing on there as one of his ten goals for 2012!

So who is the very best in the business? That’s a tough one, but you can certainly count Erik Seidel, Jason Mercier and Kid Poker himself as three of the elite.

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