The Poker Guy Answers Two Questions


I received two questions from readers:

Question  #1: I have two sixes in my hand, my son has Jack 10 and the flop comes Ace, Jack, Six. The turn comes a Jack and the River comes a 10. Who wins?

In this case your son wins on the river with Jacks full of 10’s, which beats your 6’s full of Jacks. This was an unfortunate case because flopping a set against someone’s pair your about a 10:1 favorite to win the hand. The way to determine winning full house hands is by looking at the 3 of a kind first. The highest 3 of a kind for the full house hand is the winning hand. For example, Jacks full of 2’s (3 Jacks and two 2’s) is better than 10’s full of Aces (3 10’s and two Aces). If you both have the same three of a kind, then the pair matters. For example, Jacks full of 6’s is better than Jacks full of 4’s. Hope this helps.

Question #2:  What’s your number 1 strategy for the beginning player who wants to take his game to the next level?

Well at the very beginning level, I recommend trying to keep track of the hands you play and how they were played. A lot of people tell me I dwell on a lot of my past plays a lot, good or bad, and they say that its not a good thing. I disagree because I feel you can learn from those past mistakes if you think about them for awhile. It’s also important to do this for hands that you win too and not just the hands you lose.

For example, you might have a hand where you flopped a full house, and bet at it on the flop, checked the turn, and bet the river and had the guy pay you off. If you look back on how it was played, you can realize how your betting influenced the other players behavior. Maybe you overbet the flop and he re-raised you. The more you reflect on your play, the more you will realize when it is good to do this type of move, and when it is bad to do this move.

My final piece of advice is to continue to gain experience. Poker is a type of game where you can truly only learn from playing it, over and over and over. I’d recommend just playing $1/$2 no limit at a casino until you feel comfortable moving up in the stakes.

You can read Play Poker Like the Pro’s by Phil Helmuth. It has a very good beginners section on what types of hands to play and how. It also has an advanced players section too. From there you could read the Super System, The Theory of Poker, or Harrington
on Hold’em. All of which bring different views and ideas. If you continue to play poker, read some poker books, and criticize your own play, you will be getting better in no time at all!

Good luck with your play!

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  1. Well if I was holding pocket 6’s and the flop was 10’s & Jack, I would fold cause the odds are you son is holding something higher.


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