The New Poker Guy: A New Writer for PokerMoments

PokerMoments has a new writer, someone who knows a lot about poker, and definitely a lot more about poker than I do.  In particular, this new writer knows a lot about the mathematics of poker.  So if you have any questions about poker, especially mathematically related questions, click on the link at the top of PokerMoments that says “Ask the Poker Guy!” and this new writer will give you a well reasoned answer.

Why does this new writer know so much about mathematics?  Well, like Barry Greenstein he’s studied a lot of it in school, not to become a mathematician as Barry wanted to become, but rather to become an enviromental engineer, which he is now doing for a living.   But he’s not just saving the world with his mathematical knowledge.  He’s also using it for really productive things, such as playing poker and teaching poker (see here) and running a poker group (see here).

Who is this new writer for PokerMoments?  He’ll tell you who he is.  What follows is his brief bio in his own words.

“You guys playing cards?”

Just like Flounder in Animal House I walked up to a bunch of frat guys sitting around a card table and asked the most painfully obvious question possible.  I only lost twenty dollars that night, but who wins the first time they play Texas Holdem anyway?  That was about 5 years ago in Happy Valley where just like colleges all over the country poker was exploding like fireworks.  Poker was gaining popularity everywhere; on the internet, on TV, in casinos, in homes, dorms, bars, and even churches. I was hooked just like everyone else.

But I’m a competitive person and I hate to lose. I was the first person in my weekly game to read a poker book, “Ken Warren Teaches Texas Holdem.”  Who the hell is Ken Warren? you’re probably wondering, and is that book any good? Those things don’t matter.  The mere act of trying to improve my game was like a revolution that improved my game exponentially.  Knowledge can be as addictive as gambling and so I’ve been reading about poker ever since.  I’ve learned about poker in other ways too.  Teaching others to play, keeping personal records and statistics, learning new games, and playing in new places.  

I have played cards in just about every casino in Atlantic City and every poker room on the internet. I’ve played in tournaments big and small and every kind of game from holdem to HORSE.  I take poker seriously but I never play if the game isn’t fun.  In future articles I will write about poker theory and strategy to help improve your game, but also about poker in general.  If you have any questions or subjects you’d like me to write about just ask the poker guy. 

My name is Ben Cohen and I’m glad to be sharing my poker moments with you.

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