The New Guy tells his favorite poker story

Hello everybody. As this is my first post, I am going to introduce myself to you all by regailing you with a story that I always tell when the conversation turns to either poker or Star Trek.

“Star Trek? what does poker have to do with start trek?” you say

“I’m glad you asked” I reply, “Let me tell you”

It’s the early 90’s. I am far too young to care much about poker or gambling yet. However, as I was quite a little nerd, I loved star trek. My Mom, who played poker for a living at that time, was playing in the poker room at the Trump Taj Majal in Atlantic City. She was doing fairly well getting herself ready for a tournament later that weekend. The place was not very crowded when suddenly a bit of a crowd began to form by the door. Being the very intense and focused type (which added quite a lot to her success as a card player) she hardly noticed. But, as the crowd parted, a small cadre of people could be seen coming through. leading the pack was none other than…

Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner

He is accompanied by his wife, actor Vince Van Patten, and a bodyguard. They sit down at a fresh empty table reserved just for him. My Mom, in her brash, socially uninhibited way sits down directly across from the man himself.

Come back to pokermoments next week for part two!

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