The Name Says It All

I hate the “… For Dummies Books”

They have become so ubiquitous that I must confess to having one on my bookshelf (It was given to me. Just so we’re clear!). It infuriates me to no end that people spend money on books that say in the very title that they are completely dumbed down. Why would one buy a poker book on that level? There are tons of great books out there written by incredible poker players that give their personal insights.

Even for a person that doesn’t read much, they are still better off going straight to the primary sources. I mean Phil Helmuth and Doyle Brunson might be amazing poker players, but neither they nor their ghost writers are T.S. Eliot. The language is pretty easy to understand.

So please don’t patronize these asinine books that only add to the dumbing down of our culture. Read something with at least some semblance of intelligence. If you’re going to do something, like play poker, you owe it to yourself to do it right.

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