The Game of Pot Limit Omaha

As you will probably know, Pot Limit Omaha is a variation on Texas hold’em but played with four cards at sites like 888poker. This means that more flops, turns and rivers are seen than in hold’em. The nuts and very powerful holdings are made more in PLO than in any other mainline poker variation.

In full ring games then the hands that you build become of paramount importance. This means that a hand like 4c-4d-2c-2d in early position is a piece of junk at PLO.

Why is this? Well the reason being is that the hands that you are building will be the under full and weak flushes. These are hands that will get you crushed in Omaha. However in hold’em then when the stacks become very deep then you almost have what I call an “omaha effect”.

This is because as the stacks become very deep then you gravitate towards the nuts. Like for example if I asked you for how many big blinds would you get all in for before the flop with K-K before you finally folded?

Nearly everyone would do so up to 50bb and be correct to do it. In fact many players and probably around 75% would do it with 100bb. However what if you raised to 3.5bb with pocket kings and your opponent three bet to 14bb.

You then four bet to 50bb and your opponent then five bet shoved in a full ring game for 250bb? No sane player would do that with Q-Q because they would have to be facing hands like A-K and J-J to be ahead and so you are almost certain to be facing A-A.

Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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