The easiest way to build a poker bankroll

Just like in all forms of gambling, it is easier to make small amounts than it is to make very large amounts. For example you could go into a casino and play roulette and despite the house having the edge, if you goal was to only win $10 and then quit then your chances of doing so would be very good. This applies to other areas as well like sports betting and certainly poker. If you want to make $100 per week playing poker then this is an easier task than trying to make $1000 per week.

Firstly the smaller figure is easier to attain and in this instance it is ten times smaller than $1000 and secondly by shooting lower then you can play low stakes and not encounter tough opponents. Many players try playing no limit Texas hold’em but that is a tough game to make money at once you get above NL25. In fact many players that are new to the game simply never get what is required to beat the game and most only recycle money. The facts are that you could win a large percentage of your pots in no limit Texas hold’em and still be a net loser.

One of the best ways in online poker in which to build a bankroll and it be relatively simple is by playing Double or Nothing SNG’s at low-stakes levels. These tournaments for the uninitiated are single table tournaments where the tournament ends when 50% of the field have been eliminated. The remaining 50% of the field then simply double their buy in irrespective of how many chips they have. The remaining players all get the same amount of prize money whether they are the chip leader or the short stack.

The strategy to beat these games is to concentrate more on survival than chip accumulation. In a normal poker tournament then you are rewarded more for having more chips because there is a prize ladder. However in Double or Nothing SNG’s then there is only one prize money increment and that goes from $0 to cashing the same amount. So if you buy into a $5 SNG and you are one of the first 50% of the field to bust out then your return is $0. If you are part of the remaining 50% then your return is $10 and the tournament immediately ends, simple!

Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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