The Corpus Clock

Ok, now this post is not going to be about poker, but I promise you that it is well worth me using my bullhorn to the internet to tell you all about it. And besides, poker tends to attract people who are in the math/science/engineering fields anyway so it shouldn’t be too hard for anyone reading this site to appreciate this. I promise that non-poker posts will be kept to a severe minimum from now on.

The Corpus Clock was recently unveiled (Sept 19th) at Cambridge University. And DAMN is it cool!!!

It is not digital in any way. It is entirely mechanical. The lights are discs of LEDS that shine through small slits in the golden clock face. The picture alone really doesn’t do it justice. Check out the link to the youtube video at the end of the post to see the thing in action. The light appears to travel around the face of the clock every second, minute, and hour. It was designed to remind the viewer about the fleeting, relative nature of time through the way the lights move and interact They appear to move together and even backwards at some points.

The mechanism that turns the gears is based on an invention by a Cambridge clock maker called a grasshopper. The creature at the top is that mechanism. Its called a Chronophage which means ‘time eater” and it is meant to look as if it is marching along gobbling up time as it passes.

Check out more info on this, its really amazing. Here’s the youtube link and a link to a news article which gives some more detail.

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