Terrence Chan’s December Statistics

Professional poker player Terrence Chan, the former Director of Customer Support at PokerStars, has posted a summary (with graphs!) of his December online play at his weblog:

All my sessions the first week were great, then disaster struck in the second week, then I had a relatively normal third week (due to not playing very much after the crash of the second week), then one amazing session and smaller losses for the fourth week, then another awful last few days to close out the year. As you can see, played 28 days in the month, and I had nine days where I had a $20000 swing in either direction! Most of this is at 100/200, so I had nine ups and downs of 100 big bets…phew! And on 15 days, I finished the day either $10000 poorer or richer than when I started. In just these 31 days, Jacqueline has at last experienced what it’s like to live with a a professional ring game player at both extremes.

At around the midpoint of the month, Terrence cleared nearly $8,000 / hour against one opponent who kept losing to Terrence.

All in all, not a bad month…

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