I’ve been reading up on “rakebacks” and trying to understand why certain online poker rooms, like Party and Paradise, do not allow them, and may even be cracking down on affiliates who offer them. In short the problem seems to be that many affiliates who offer rakebacks do unscrupulous things. In a later post I will explain the problem with rakebacks.

Forget rakebacks. Here is an unquestionably kosher offer: If you’re interested in signing up for an online poker room, I’d be more than happy to work it out that you get all the money (except $1) that the online poker room gives to me by your indicating that I was the one who referred you. I think that PartyPoker, for example, gives $50 to the person who is the referrer – that would be me, and as soon as you play the required number of hands, and I get my money reward for your real money playing, I would give you $49.  I believe that Titan gives $75 to the referrer.

What do you have to lose? I suppose one downside, besides your wasting your time if I turn out to be dishonest and don’t give you the money, is that you could have signed up with an affiliate that gives rakebacks and perhaps made more money. But dealing with rakeback affiliates can be risky as well as possibly unethical. Again, I’ll explain this later when I discuss the rakeback situation.

What’s in it for me? Certainly, the MONEY. That’s why, if we were to do this deal, I would appreciate positive feedback so that others might be inclined to follow suit, and perhaps the one dollars would eventually start adding up. Besides the money, I’m also interested in building up this blog, and the more exposure the better.

If anyone sees a problem with this offer please let me know. I’d be glad to address any questions or concerns.

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