Tarheel State (North Carolina) Ponders Legalizing Video Poker

When you need money, you’ll do almost anything.


It’s the same no matter where you look…. from individuals to legislatures. Even lawmakers dead set against lotteries and gambling have changed their tune, rather than raise taxes.

So now legislators in the great state of North Carolina are thinking about video poker.

House Speaker Thom Tillis said members of a Republican policy subcommittee are meeting privately with supporters and opponents of video gaming in order to learn more about the issue.

Tillis defended the closed-door meeting because he said those involved may feel more comfortable discussing the matter privately.

“I’m proud of the process that we’re going through.  I’m sure that you all would like to draw the line all the way up to and including those phone conversations I have in my Cornelius office, but this is where the line is drawn and I think it’s perfectly within the rules and perfectly within the law,” said Tillis.

And how much tax revenue could this bring to N.C.? A pretty cool amount, said representatives from the gaming industry: more than $500 million annually.

So how about it, North Carolina? We’ll see…

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