Switching from six max to full ring

It is probably common knowledge to many of the regular readers of my blog that I play full ring above six max. I do this for several reasons but the main reasons are that full ring games are easier to make money at in my opinion and they fit my personality. I can’t think of two better reasons than that can you? I sometimes get asked what the differences are between full ring games and six max cash games.


My answer is the same and I will repeat that here. I don’t think the difference is as pronounced as many people think.
In my opinion then full ring games need slight adjustments from six max games but no more. One of the differences is in how your opponents perceive your range. In six max then when you open raise it will be UTG at the most. Most of the time your raise will come from the button, cut-off and hijack which are deemed late position in full ring! So in a full ring setting then your perceived range is much narrower. This allows you to be able to expand your range more than what is commonly practiced.

In my opinion, one of the biggest skills of a poker player is to identify the game dynamic and respond to it. You need to do something different to the game dynamic to gain an edge. It is very difficult to get a decent earn rate if you are playing identical or roughly identical to the game dynamic. Imagine a game full of decent players who all play position, knew hand values, folded most of their range, bluffed in small pots, didn’t stack off unless they had a powerful hand and so forth. It isn’t hard to see that if you played the same way as these people then you would find it hard to make money.

How can money flow easily when you are operating in the same way as someone else? The only profit potential in the game will then come from the one or two weak fish that may happen to sit in. However calling them “weak fish” is too generic a name and doesn’t really help us in our quest to exploit them. Just how are they “weak” and why are they a “fish”. It could be because their bet sizing is weak or they don’t hand read very well or perhaps they play fit or fold too much or maybe they have very weak post flop play and poor non-showdown stats.


Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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