State of Play: Will Florida OK Online Poker?

Could it be that someday…and perhaps soon… online poker will be legal?

Fact is…amazing things happen legislatively, when states are up tight for revenue. Obviously, legislators HATE to raise taxes.

Those who do lose their jobs, eventually.

So what is to be done? Tax gambling.

Well OK… here is what is going down.

A federal court (last year) said it’s OK for states to individually legalize online gambling.

[Note: any law passed would probably be fought in court by do-gooders…but at least it will be a start.]

Florida may be the next in line to give it a shot, and we say…AWESOME.

A Fla. Rep. named Joe Abruzzo has introduced legislation entitled the Internet Poker Consumer Protection and Revenue Generation Act of 2010.

Florida has been contemplating their gambling laws for some time.

Make no mistake. This is about money. Lots of money. And Florida wants some of it.

Abruzzo’s legislation would put stringent regulations in place. Not only will players be required to be 21 or older, but crime and money laundering is meant to be prevented.

A tax rate of 20 percent of the poker room’s gross win has been proposed.

We’ll see what happens.

As I said… this is all about Florida needing the revenue. So it might actually happen.

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