Starting and Running a Poker Site

Let’s be honest. Poker sites can be profitable.

The big question for those of you just starting a poker site is how to get to that place where your site is generating a nice profit. This is meant to be an introductory guide to help you get there.

The emphasis in this article is going to be on running a poker blog. But we’ll also cover how to run a poker review site, poker directory, etc.

How to get started

The first step is picking your mojo. What’s your site going to be focused on? Poker tips? Poker strategy? Poker reviews? Poker experiences? What do you want to spend your energy developing? Take this step slowly as it is essential to nailing everything else.

After you’ve picked your poker site’s concept, you’ll want to pick a domain that’s both memorable and meaningful. Try to get the word “poker” in the title. We recently set up a Poker feed site called One Big Poker Nut.

So let’s consider the first two steps mentioned above. With One Big Poker Nut the idea or concept is “Poker Feeds” from the best poker sites and the domain is quite memorable and meaningful, IMHO. A really big poker nut is the sort of person who would want to read lots and lots of stuff on poker. So it makes sense that the site names its readers.

Stayed Tuned For Part II of Starting & Running a Poker Site. In the next article, we’ll discuss “Making It Happen” and take you through the steps necessary for getting your site organization, infrastructure and content in place. That article will be followed up with information on Launching and Promoting Your Poker Site. Finally, we’ll end the series with the one article you all want to read: “How To Make Money From Your Poker Site.”

4 thoughts on “Starting and Running a Poker Site

  1. Interesting post. What does IMHO stand for? What do you mean that the site names its readers?

    I look forward to your future posts on starting and running a poker site.

  2. IMHO stands for “In My Humble Opinion”

    A site that names its readers just means that the site has a name that could equally be applied to its readers. So, if a site is called “One Big Poker Nut” and the targeted audience happens to be “poker nuts” then it does a good job of naming its readers.

    However, I should say that naming your readers is not essential. Equally good is simply coming up with a unique, memorable and brandable name.

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