Star College Quarterback Suspended for Playing Poker; Are You as Outraged as I am about This?

Look, I know rules is rules and NCAA rules are no nonsense rules.

But this story irked me.

A pretty good quarterback,”middle Tennessee State quarterback Dwight Dasher has been suspended by the University and the NCAA indefinitely, and will miss the season opener against Minnesota on Thursday.

And all because he accepted money to play poker.

What the hell.

“he has been humbled with this situation, and he knows he made a mistake,? remarked MTSU head coach Rick Stockstill during a news conference prior to the weekend.

‘that is part of your responsibility as a coach to help these players grow as people.?

Dasher must now wait to be reinstated by the NCAA if he is to play this season.

He is a damned good QB too,’throwing for 2,800 yards and rushing for an additional 1,150.

“both (parties) have said the reason he got the loan was because he was a football player,? said MTSU athletic director Chris Massaro.

You gotta give these kids some slack. C’mon…what did he get… and how much does his play on the field make the University. And get this…he BORROWED the money.

It’s an old story. These kids play for their college, fill up their stadiums and bring in a lot of revenue.

I believe college players should get the right to make some money for their play.

This incident continues to bring to light certain benefits that an athlete may receive simply because they are an athlete.

More evidence of this is the recent discovery that former Memphis basketball player Antonio Anderson remarked by way of Twitter that during his college days he did not have to pay for many meals.

Dasher is not under investigation for anything other than playing in poker games with money that he borrowed.

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