Speaking of Poker Tables

Suber’s recent post on how to pick a poker table got me thinking about the finer side of poker. When you think about it, you could have a lot of fun selecting nice poker chips and ornate poker tables. Rather than going for cheap plastic all the time, why not go for high aesthetic taste?

Well, to be honest, it was only a day later that I was approached by the company Card Room Supply to do a review of their site. This was a no brainer. My mind has been on Poker accessories for a couple days, so I bit at the opportunity.

Wouldn’t you know it, but I found the Poker Table that I want. The table is not only exquisite, with a beautiful light oak finish, but it also fits 8 people and can be used for chess and backgammon playing. There are also accompanying chairs with a high-quality leather seat. Living it up, eh?

poker table

While I did find this great poker table, I was a bit disappointed with the available poker chips. I was hoping to match the beautiful table and chair with some unique high-quality, custom chips. However, the available chips are pretty standard.

Still, the important thing is that I’ve found the table and chair that I want and I know what I’ll be asking for, for Christmas!

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