Some more Poker cash game madness

Clark GabelI played our Monday night cash game last night and made another killing! This time I ended +$107, and I’d like to go over a few of the key hands in this Monday’s game. I may not be a Clark Gabel, but I think I played these hands … handsomely.

Just like last week I started off hot, playing like an idiot. If you had the pleasure of reading Kazana’s last article about getting a crazy table image at the beginning setting you up for a great run later on, this is the same idea.

In fact, Huckleberry Seed talked about just this strategy and how it applies more to cash games than tournaments in his latest Full Tilt article. During these cash games I play really loose passive preflop, limping in to see most flops I can with any reasonable hand. This night we had three players I hadn’t played with in a long time and decided that I’d like to make them think I was playing for fun (and playing poorly). So without further ado – my first big hand involved a creative little hand … 4[spades]7[spades].

I called a raise from the blind with the 47, one other caller. The original bet was $2 ($0.25/$0.50 NL) and the flop came out Q 5 J, two spades. The small blind checked, I checked, and original raiser bet $4. The small blind called and I called. The turn brought the 8[clubs], opening up a gutshot straight draw for me and we both checked again. The original bettor now bet out $8! Pretty stiff bet, but I was willing to see another card and get a jump start to the night.

I cold called and the river brought the K[spades]. Now, I checked here, for a few reasons. First off, I felt a little bad for sticking around with 47 suited throughout the hand, and it was a friendly game. Second, I liked the guy, and pardon me if you believe there are no friends at the poker table, but I didn’t want to piss this guy off on the 3rd hand of the night and make him not want to play with us again. Third, I’m just not an ass like that and I was more interested in having a good time than getting absolute max profit from this game. He wisely checked behind me and showed A[clubs]A[spades] and I flipped over my hand and muttered sorry. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t sorry for winning the hand, but I wasn’t going to rub it in that I got lucky and check raise or bet into him. That hand put my buyin of $40 into $60 and it was go time, I never looked back.

Let me skip ahead two and a half hours to the last half hour of the game because that is when things get interesting. The low stacks would rather try to double up then leave the table with $15 and people usually end up busting out. I had been stagnating at around $70 (+$30) for the last hour and I was due for a rush … well I got one.

The under the gun player raised and everyone called and I looked down at A[clubs]K[spades] in the big blind. I didn’t want to reraise here and possibly be faced with another reraise, and simply called. The flop came down 4 Q A. To be honest I didn’t think the original raiser had much of anything, but I checked and he bet $0.75, and everyone called. There was a flush draw on the board, but I decided to see a turn for cheap. The flush missed, and another ace fell on the turn giving me three aces.

I checked again and the raiser bet $0.75, one caller, and then I raised to $3. I accidentally went out of the turn though and the player I skipped was about to raise to $3. Unfortunately I could’ve let him bet and reraised but I let him make it $3 and promised to just call and not be a dick about it. The original raiser and caller both folded. The river brought an offsuit J making the board 4 Q A A J and I bet out $3. This player is known to be very tight and was pretty sure he was behind (made me feel pretty good about my hand). He called hoping to chop with his A2 but I scooped the pot with AK.

The very next hand I was dealt 7[spades]7[clubs] in the small blind. People limped in and I raised it to $2 and got 2 or 3 callers. The flop was 4 7 A, two hearts, and I bet out $3. I got two callers and the button player raised it to $12. I called right away which drew some ooohs and awws, and the other players folded. It was the notoriously tight player again, and I thought he could easy have a high suited ace (hearts) and wanted to see a turn before putting in too much money.

The turn brought an 8 of diamonds and I checked. He bet out $12 again and I immediately bumped it up to $30. I was sure I was ahead – he would have reraised me before the flop with AA, and probably wouldn’t have limped in in the first place. He went into the tank and I was feeling more and more certain he must have Ax of hearts. He finally folded A[hearts]9[hearts] face up and I showed him my set of 7s. The river would’ve been the 9 of diamonds, giving him two pair and a losing hand. That pot put me near $110.

The very NEXT hand I was dealt 33 on the button and limped in. The flop came down 3 10 J and it checked around, I checked as well. The turn brought a 9, a good card to get a few callers when I bet the turn with their new straight draws. I bet out $1.50 and got two callers. The river paired the 9s and gave me a full house. I bet $3 and Ben called with a jack and I showed him my boat, taking down three decent sized hands in a row (three sets in a row!). That was exciting.

As it was nearing the end of the game the low stacks decided to start getting aggressive. When the tight player raised all in for $15 and another player called all in for $12 I looked down at 88 and called right away. My quick call got the other two players to fold and I was up against A10 and A2, both suited. The flop came king high and dodged my opponents, netting me another $30 odd dollars. I ended the game with $147 in front of me, a profit of $107. Let’s hope this trend keeps up!

I've been playing poker for almost four years now (well before it was legal for me, woops!) Besides poker I enjoy playing the guitar and I'm very enthusiastic about pursuing Dentistry as a career. I'm currently at The Ohio State Univeristy studying Microbiology, living with three of my close friends. I'm dating a lovely girl from Australia and am looking forward to the oppurtunity to study abroad over there as well.

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