Mastering the game of Sit’n’Go Poker

The game of Sit N Go or as it is sometimes referred to as SNG has blazed a path in the online poker world with vengeance.  So just what is Sit’n’Go?  It is a small 6-30 person tournament where the prize pool is simply what everyone has paid in order to enter it.  Normally the prize pool money will be divided between the top three finishers at the end of the tournament, but it does not actually depend on the result of an individual game.

One of the benefits of taking part in a Sit N Goes tournament is that it gives players a taste of what it is like to play at the final table of a large tournament without having to do all the hard work to get there.

For many who are half decent poker players taking part in Sit’n’Go’s can be very profitable even if they only make some money half of the time.  Today there are many poker professionals who make their living off of taking part in Sit N Goes tournaments and through nothing else.  Below are some tips which may help you to master Sit N Goes and put you on your way to becoming a poker pro as well.

The most important thing you should do before you start playing is to divide the game in to separate stages, Early, middle and late and each of these stages should then be approached in a different way.

Early Stages

During this stage you should only play the monster hands.  So it is important that you hold on to the Queens, Kings and Aces.  Also be very selective about the hands that you play and spend time watching the betting patterns of your opponents.  As most players taking part in Sit’n’Go’s will start off very aggressive (due to small blinds) this is a great time to just watch and learn.

Middle Stages

After about 4 people have been eliminated from the tournament you can then start to play a few more hands.  However, you should still be very selective what hands you play since you have yet to make some money.

Late Stages

When you get down to the last 4 people in an Sit’n’Go tournament you find that funny things begin to happen.

Those players who were once aggressive will begin to tighten up in order to make money.  But as you have been tight all along it is now time for you to make your move.  So loosen up and push your chips and then watch everyone around you begin to fold.  However, be careful and play smart and you will soon stack up a lot of chips before it gets down to the final three players.  The best way to be when it comes to the final three is the one who has the most chips.  So play smart but also play aggressive as well.

So hopefully by following the three simple steps above you should soon be a master at player Sit’n’Go.

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