Sit’n’Go Poker Background Information

A Sit and Go tournament which can sometimes be known as SNG poker is an extremely popular choice for those taking part in online poker games.  Certainly for beginners SNG poker is a good way as it offers them a chance to train in many areas of the game for a limited amount of money.  But not only this it is a fun and exciting way to play and it provides you with experience of playing at the final table of a tournament.

Just like any other big tournament SNG requires that everybody buys in to the game for the same amount of money in order to get the same amount of chips.  So for example if you enter a SNG game that is for $5 you are expected to bay $5 plus $0. 50 (a fee for getting the 1000 chips that you need).  For such a game the rewards to the winners would be as follows: –

  • First Place – $25
  • Second Place – $15
  • Third Place – $10

Normally a sit and go poker game will consist of between 6, 9 or 10 players although it can sometimes be as low as just 2 players and in some cases up to 50.  Normally prize money will be split between the top three finishers of a tournament but this may change depending on how many entrants there are.

The rules relating to both SNG and regular poker cash games are generally the same.  The only difference being is that you can play for as long as you want in a cash game.  Whilst in a SNG poker game as soon as you lose all your chips then you will be eliminated from it.

Normally the blinds at the beginning of an SNG poker game are very small and good players will not normally gamble during the early stages of a game.  However, once the blinds reach a higher level then this is the time when players should start playing more aggressively and start thinking about stealing their opponent’s chips.

Finally one more reason why SNG poker is now becoming so popular is because you do not have to take big risks whilst playing it.  Also it can be very profitable if you can master the fine points of the game which makes your risk more manageable.

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