Strategy Tips for Playing Sit N Go Poker

Today Sit N Go is becoming one of the most popular forms of poker tournament now being played online.  It is in the tournament format with a one table game where usually 9 or 10 players take part and will start as soon as the table is full.  The prize money that you can earn from such a tournament is normally broken up into the following ratio’s 50% (first) 30% (second) and 20% (goes to the third place player).  Below we will provide you with a number of Sit N Go Strategy hints which may well help improve the way you play in your next tournament.

Certainly such tournaments provide a terrific opportunity for a good poker player to make a good regular income.  Normally each tournament will last anywhere from 1/2 hour up to 1 hour.  So it is quite possible for you to take part in a number of games each day and by following the basic strategy provided below you should certainly win a lot more money than you would lose.

The best way to win constantly at Sit N Go tournaments is to be disciplined.  Once you know what you have to do then stick to that plan and do not be tempted by the table conditions to have a go.  The real name of the game is survival.  The whole thing is to get into the last three and leave the tournament with more money than you actually started with.  As nothing else matters your philosophy should be based on limiting your risks as much as possible.

Only play premium hands.  Such as pairs, suited connectors, AK, AQ and sometimes AJ or A10 suited but only if it is in a late position in an un-raised table.  Although there is not much to go on you may well be tempted to play an A8 or K10 but do not!  Unfortunately there are just too many hands on which you can lose and you will be playing against others who will call anything.  They will also get lucky far too often for your liking because of this.

However when you hit a good hand, then bet on it rather than call and make your bet large enough to scare off anyone hoping to get luck with theirs.  You will find that you will take most pots by doing this and you will be well placed as you probably have the best starting hand.

By adopting these very simple Sit n Go Strategy tips you will find that your game will come together more easily and you will a much more effective player.  This will then result in your winning more.

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