Short handed limit hold’em strategies

Six handed limit hold’em is unlike any other form of online poker around. Because of the limit nature of the betting then when you come into the pot then you must do so either betting or raising before the flop. To better see why this is the case then consider the money that is in the blinds. If an opponent comes into the pot before you and they raise then if you want to play your hand then three betting rather than raising is the preferred play. The extra one small bet that you expend on raising is more than worth it for two key reasons.

Firstly it will help you to drive the other players out of the pot who may have position on you or who are in the blinds. If that is the case then you will get the pot heads up and have position on your opponent. While you are not guaranteed to win the pot, you will profit in the long term by the dead money that is in the pot that has been placed there by both of the blinds who can now no longer fight for the pot.

Six handed limit hold’em is all about fighting aggressively for the pots once you opt to play your hand. If you have Ad-10c on the button then do not be put off by an opponent open raising in the cut-off seat. Simply see that action as an opponent helping you to get the hand heads up by allowing you to re-raise. Six max limit hold’em is all about pounding your opponents if they give you the chance to do so. Because you do not get the really big pot explosions that happen in no limit play with opponents getting their entire stack in the middle then you need to compensate for that by at least winning your fair share of pots.

So raise and re-raise before the flop and take any aggressive action possible on the flop and beyond with hands that can possibly make the best hand. Keep in mind that your stronger opponents will also be using aggressive tactics against you as well and so you have to call down with hands that are far weaker than in games like no limit hold’em for example. You simply have to be more aggressive pre-flop in six max limit hold’em otherwise you will find yourself being bullied by better opponents.

Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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