Second Robber Arrested, Charged with Taking Part in Berlin Poker Tournament Heist

A few days after one of the robbers turned himself in for the Poker Stars European Poker Tour-Berline heist, a second suspect was charged and arrested.

Someone was talking to the cops, because 20 year-old Ahmad el-Awayti was spotted in a subway station, according to the Associated Press.??

“police said he acknowledged to officers that he was being sought by authorities and was arrested without putting up any resistance.?

Besides the two? suspects now behind bars, the getaway car, a Mercedes, is in police custody. The gang allegedly escaped through a nearby shopping mall.

The Associated Press and other media have reported that the loot from the rare midday casino heist has yet to be found.

In a previous article by the news outlet, it was revealed that the four masked gunmen divvied up the $242,000 evenly.

According to police reports, two assailants remain at large, their whereabouts unknown: Jihand Chetwie, a 19-year-old man from Germany, and Mustafa Ucarkus, a 20-year-old Turkish native.

The suspect who turned himself into police on Monday identified all three of his accomplices, but has not been named.

Apparently the initial arresting officials found a piece of paper on Mohammed at the time of his arrest with six different names written on it. At least three of those names belong to suspects in the robbery.?

The robbery occurred at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin, where 1,000 players had convened to battle for the $1 million top prize, which went to American Kevin MacPhee.??

The robbery made headlines around the world.

And of course, on this post.

Stay tuned for more news on the arrest.

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