Sad Poker Story: Clicking the Wrong Button

I want to scream!!!! 

I was playing $0.01/.02 no limit hold’em at 770 Poker, a French online poker room, because they gave me $5 for free (no deposit) for signing up.  I had started off poorly and was down to less than a dollar when I amazingly turned things around due to extremely tight play.  After a full day of playing like every hand could be my last I scratched back up to over $5.  It was hard work, but I did it.  And I was quite happy with my play.

And then I made a mistake that I’m sure many of you have made.  After checking pre-flop, I clicked the wrong button, the “call any”  box, after a flop of three diamonds.  I had no diamonds and an 8 high.  There was no way on God’s earth I was staying in with this crap, especially since two other people went all-in, one guy for about $5.  I actually had a few seconds to try to remove the check in the “call any” box, but I couldn’t do it, and alas, I lost almost all that I had worked so hard to obtain. 

This poker mistake was one of my most frustrating experiences.  I’ve made this sort of mistake in the past, but never for so much, and never where it could do so much damage to my stack.   Oh the humanity! 

I’ve made painful poker mistakes before, ones that haunted me for a while.  I once folded to an all-in bet of about $5 when I had three 10s when the only hand that could have beaten me was a straight.  It turned out that the two other players that didn’t fold had three 9s and three 8s.  This made me really stew.  But it doesn’t compare to clicking the wrong button.  There’s no excuse for this. 

3 thoughts on “Sad Poker Story: Clicking the Wrong Button

  1. I usually play $10 heads up games … I accidentally clicked on $100 heads up game … that’s a mistake, and its more than $5, but I didn’t freak out about it.

    Oh, and I didn’t win.

  2. It’s not the amount of money I lost that bothers me. What makes poker fun for me is the competitive aspect. I hate losing, and even if there were no money involved, I’d be pissed if I lost. Of course, I wouldn’t be interested in playing if there was no money involved.

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